Home Owners Association Addendum

Owners listing their home or lot are required to complete an Home Owners Association Addendum (PDF).

General Guidelines

The following is some general information that will assist you in completing this form.

  • The Home Owners Association (HOA) is Desert Mountain Master Association (DMMA).  DMMA's (and all villages) phone number is 480-635-5600.
  • The management company of your HOA (DMMA and all villages) is CCMC. The phone number for CCMC is 480-921-7500.
  • All homes or lots are governed by the DMMA (Master Association).
  • All homes or lots are also governed by their respective village.
  • Every home or lot owner pays the DMMA dues and their respective village dues. View the to the dues of the DMMA and all villages (PDF).
  • There are currently no pending special assessments for the DMMA or any village.
  • There are no transfer or capital improvement fees.
  • Prepaid association(s) fees may be requested in closing. They are the same amount mentioned in the dues link above.
  • Disclosure fees are the $382 to CCMC and $18 to HomeWiseDocs. These fees may apply twice depending on your village.  View information on disclosure fees.
  • No other fees

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 480-635-5600.