Designing A Home in Desert Mountain

Can Architecture (and Man) be One with Nature?

Frank Lloyd Wright believed that people are most content and happy when they live in harmony with nature, rather than imposing their will upon it. With that philosophy (and land planning by Taliesin Associated Architects) as a backdrop, Desert Mountain seeks the sensitive integration of the lifestyle of man to the Sonoran Desert environment. Design goals intend to subtly blend people, structures, and the existing desert into a harmonious and aesthetically-pleasing community and substantial emphasis is on the preservation of major portions of the natural desert.

The location of Desert Mountain is well-suited to justify Wright's philosophy. The Desert Mountain terrain is varied, consisting of desert foothills, ravines, washes, and rock outcroppings, all of which is complemented by a well-developed Upper Sonoran Desert or Arizona Upland landscaping. The property consists of mountains, springs, abundant wildlife and lush, high Sonoran Desert. Desert Mountain's southerly orientation and elevations of DR Landscapeup to 4,800 feet provide for spectacular views of the city lights from many sites. And, virtually every site within the community enjoys wonderful views of both adjacent and distant mountains. 

When designing the home of your dreams in Desert Mountain, creativity, innovative use of materials and design, as well as unique methods of construction are encouraged, so long as the final result is consistent with individual design guidelines and Wright's (and the community's) overall philosophy.