Jim Duffey, Vice President

Mr. Duffey and his wife Kristy live full time in Sunset Canyon having moved from their hometown of Baltimore, MD.  They purchased their home in May of 2017 and became club members of Desert Mountain (DM) in October of the same year. Mr. Duffey and Kristy have two children, Laikyn who is an officer in the U.S. Air Force and is currently deployed to Afghanistan and Alec who is a Junior studying political science at the University of Arizona.

Jim DuffeyPrior to moving to Desert Mountain, Mr. Duffey served over 23 years in the US Army retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer Four in February of 2013.  During his service as an Intelligence Officer, Mr. Duffey deployed to multiple combat zones including Bosnia, the Middle East, and East Africa.  As a senior warrant officer, Mr. Duffey was responsible for advising senior leadership including General Officers as well as leading both large and small units operating in austere environments around the world.

Following retirement, Mr. Duffey started a business, Greytek, a firm specializing in both physical and cyber security, which is now nearing its sixth year of business.  Greytek employees are 90% veterans and provide security services to both the Department of Defense and commercial entities.  As CEO, he manages all aspects of the business across multiple states and several countries.  Both he, his wife, and his company support multiple charities and actively participate in support to Veteran organizations.

Since moving to Desert Mountain, Mr. Duffey volunteered to serve the HOA.  Mr. Duffey continues to serve on the Safety and Access committee.  As an expert in multiple security disciplines, Mr. Duffey looks forward to supporting the Desert Mountain community as physical and cyber threats continue to evolve.  He is an active member of the community as an avid bicyclist, outdoorsman, and golfer.  

 Mr. Duffey’s military and business experiences have uniquely and effectively prepared him for service on the Desert Mountain HOA Board.  Mr. Duffey supports the vision of the HOA and believes all service should represent the interests of the majority of homeowners and not individual needs.   He works well with others and brings a commonsense approach to decision making.

Mr. Duffey appreciates the opportunity to serve, and he and his wife have no plans to depart Desert Mountain looking forward to giving back to the community for many years to come.