Dave Ostermeyer

My wife, Cathy, and I bought our first home and club membership in 1999. Our first home was a developer spec homie in Renegade Trail and we then built a custom home in Arrowhead and moved in 2013. We retired at the end of 2003 and moved here full time in 2004. This is our only residence and our retirement home.

Dave OstermeyerMy wife and I have served on various DMMA committees over the past several years. I served on Safety & Access committee for nine years until this year. I chaired the committee for several years until a board member was requited to be the chair. I served on the Parkway committee since inception until this year. I currently serve on the Design Review Committee and am in my third year. I am also the Arrowhead Village Rep for the Design Review Committee. I served on the Desert Mountain Club Election committee for one year. I attended the majority of the DMMA  open board meetings for the last three years in order to be informed of major issues facing our community.

I have an education background in business and accounting and my business experience lent itself to budgeting, P & L’s and managing large groups of people. My business experience required determining what our diverse customer base wanted from us and then making sure that we delivered the requisite services.

For the major part of my 30-year career, I worked for a large financial services firm where, for the last twelve years, I was responsible for the sales and marketing of the mutual fund services. Prior to that, I directed a systems development staff, operations staff, and customer service personnel, eventually being responsible for over eight hundred people. My responsibilities included budgets, P & L’s, and highly technical sales cycles. I have been involved in start-up companies, start-up operations, and company acquisitions. My education had a heavy emphasis on business management and accounting. I also coordinated problem-solving efforts in a consulting capacity (5 years) for large and diversified mutual fund organizations.