Bill Eckholm

Bill EkholmMy wife and I bought our first lot in Apache Peak in 1998.  In 2014 we purchased another lot on which we have built our principle residence.  

For over 44 years I worked in the special hazard, fire suppression business.  I have been the President and CEO of some of several of the largest global manufacturing companies in that field.  In that role, I have learned what it takes to build teamwork, to listen to people of different opinions and to help build a consensus with all.  

Working with volunteers can be different from a leadership position, such as a company President.  I fully appreciate this as I also serve on the Board of Directors of a number of national charities.  There it is even more critical to listen to everyone’s opinion and to work to reach a common goal.  

I strongly believe that Desert Mountain is a great place to call home.  I believe in the Club’s vision that: “Our mission is to make Dessert Mountain one of the finest, private, residential and lifestyle communities in the world by providing superior service and outstanding amenities in an atmosphere of excellence”.  This vision is one that I believe we should all be working to foster and build upon 

To participate in accomplishing that vision, I have served as the representative of the Village of Apache Peak to the President’s Council.  During that same time I have attended most all Desert Mountain Master Association meetings to learn how the Master Association works and to offer my input, when allowed, on the matters at hand.  When the Short Term Rental issue was being addressed, I served as a member of the Master Association’s Ad Hoc Committee which made recommendations to the Board on the matter.  

In the 1990’s, I lived in Blue Springs, MO where I was the first President of The Parks, a large residential community, Home Owners Association.  

I look forward to continuing to work toward making Desert Mountain something truly special!