Kevin Frawley, President

Kevin FrawleyMy name is Kevin Frawley. My wife Joan and I live in the Village of Saguaro Forest. We became members of Desert Mountain when we purchased a lot in September 2005.

 For the next 10 years, we visited often, then relocated to the area in 2015 as we began building a new home which we moved into in January, 2017. We are now full time residents and members and are committed to this community for many years to come.

 My career spanned over 40 years in law and business. I spent 15 years in public service as a prosecutor and in senior roles in New York City government. Included were positions as Commissioner of Investigation and later as a member of the city’s Conflicts of Interest Board.

In over 25 years in the private sector, I first practiced corporate law with a major securities firm and was the first Chief Compliance Officer for a large insurance carrier. That role gave me the opportunity to work closely with senior management to rebuild an effective, compliant business following two serious regulatory crises.

My last full time position was as the CEO for the Americas for a global claims management company where I was responsible for operations in 10 countries. During that 10-year period, I had extensive experience in strategic planning, meeting demanding budget targets and working effectively with a wide range of corporate clients 

Finally, I was the president of the boards of two large cooperative apartment buildings on Manhattan’s west side for many years. These roles provided very direct and relevant experience managing the many complex and challenging issues of large residential buildings. We faced constant challenges in developing practical solutions for all residents while addressing the specific needs and concerns of individuals.

I believe my experience has prepared me to serve effectively on the DMMA. I am committed to maintaining the beautiful community we share and working to find ways to improve the quality of life for all members and homeowners. 

I appreciate the opportunity to serve.